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Adam Berry

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A few things about me.

1. I call myself TheGymStarter. Why? Because I am passionate about getting people back into Fitness, or starting their Fitness Journey.

2. I start with Confidence. This is Number One on my List. I will build you up (buttercup!) – without getting you confident in all areas of your life theres no real point in working on your fitness because confident people are fit people. And if I’m not seeing you smile – I don’t want you in my life.

3. I don’t know it all. But I will be damn sure to find out for you. I could have every qualification under the sun >>> but I don’t. Because if we don’t enjoy each others company to start with….then there is no point. If you need to know. Ask me. But hey ho. Lets be friends first.

Other than those three top points.

You could probably find everything else out you need to know about me online.

My website as a Trainer is:

Other places to find me are:

All Social Media Platforms (although Twitter is not a good space for me)
And usually your local Costa Coffee Shop!

I can’t wait to hear from you

Tell you what….

If you got this far

Well done.

And Drop Me An Email….with the one thing you are struggling with the most.

I’m happy to help.


Adam specialises in Confidence Building and Fat Loss for women

Skills and Qualifications

PT Level 3 Qualification

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Price per hour

£ 31

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