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I have been into fitness for as long as I can remember, whether it was playing sports or just general exercise. I got into being healthy later on in life when I saw what happened to my Father after leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. Heart surgery and medication forced him to make a lifestyle change for the better. Had exercise, good nutrition, less stress, more sleep, been factored into his life he could have avoided heart disease and surgery. But I noticed it wasn’t just my dad, it was lots of people’s dads and mums. Something was wrong. I became interested and curious as to why more and more people were struggling with their health. My curiosity and interest led me to study Sports Science at University, from there the next step was to become a personal trainer. I knew that this was a career I could help people find ways to help people improve all aspects of their health. I had gathered the requisite scientific knowledge, achieving additional qualifications in psychology advanced nutrition, to complement my practical experience acquired through training and coaching and I was putting it to good use. The limiting factor that dawned on me was that I could only help so many people due to time commitments and geographic location so I have turned to the Internet [thank you Tim Burners-Lee] to help more people. I have produced a range of exercise and nutrition plans for men and women. All plans are formulated from the most up to date research from evidence-based studies and meta-analyses performed by the most accredited people in the health and fitness industry. I have worked with various health and gym groups and general population clients, such as coaching marathon runners and amateur bodybuilders along with general population clients. I have worked with clients who have struggled to get up the stairs to the gym floor because of their weight. To help them improve their health and stack years onto their life from weight reduction feels great. My most favorite story would be helping my wife through Cancer, helping her stay active and exercise between treatments. I am so grateful that she is here with me today and pregnant with our child, gratitude is an understatement. Along with presenting seminars on health and fitness to schools and businesses I have been fortunate enough to interview some of the most respected people in the fitness industry which you will find on my YouTube channel


Weight Loss

Muscle Building

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BSc Degree Exercise Science

Advanced Personal Trainer


Qualified with: Premier Global and NASM

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£ 80

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