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Angela Poole

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I am a fitness and lifestyle coach, level 3 personal trainer and nutritional adviser; helping busy women achieve better mind and body and learn to live a life of healthy balance. I have always led an active lifestyle and enjoyed sports especially running while growing up in South Africa. I had a healthy upbringing always having home-cooked meals prepared by my mom who has struggled her whole life with a weight problem. She is my inspiration for what she has achieved over the years and a have a complete understanding of women who have these difficulties even though I haven’t experienced the same battles. However, this was not my chosen career path after school as I followed other options. It was only after being shortly married that a traumatic event led me to strength training. I was attacked by a dog that destroyed 60% of my right bicep and had many operations and physiotherapy to repair the damage. It healed remarkably well but with obvious cars, a lack of strength and an arm that doesn’t complete straighten. I have worked very hard to build up strength and for the most part it functions very well. There are certain movements that I feel hindered by it and you may notice this in some of my workout videos. I really enjoyed this challenge and soon made it my career. Training ladies in my own gym gave me a great sense of fulfilment and I loved watching them grow in confidence. Fast forward to the present and I am now the mother of two boys and living in the UK. My younger son many years ago was diagnosed with ADHD and ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) and learning problems. This provided me with challenges every day, but everyone has some obstacles or challenges that they face. My healthy fit lifestyle and my ability to help others achieve the same, makes all the difference to me. And I want to help you make a difference in your life. As a busy mom who does school drop and pick up, housework, shopping and preparing meals I know how difficult it is to find time to exercise. This led me to designing short workout programs that you can do in your own house, but still challenging enough to see the results. These type of workouts have made such a difference in my life because I can complete them at home or in the garden, around the kids and even in school holidays.I have also discovered my passion in creating healthy meals as I love food and I do not believe that healthy eating has to be boring and bland. Meals should be tasty, nutritious and simple.

I want to help you make the best choices for YOU so you can see the results you desire and at the same time enjoying the journey. After all life is a journey and these are lifestyle choices so best we learn to enjoy it.

Be the best version of YOU!!


Work with women especially mums whose main is to lose weight and build strength

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Level 3 Reps personal trainer and Future Fit nutritional adviser

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£ 40

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