Greg Mikolap

Greg Mikolap

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Hi, my name is Greg and I am a Personal Trainer. I originally graduated as a physiotherapist 8 years ago, but wanted to work with active people and hopefully help before the injury could happen.

I have been a Personal Trainer for 7 years now. During this time my clients’ results and their hard work have been featured in the national magazines, cover of a national wedding magazine and they are still on the main page of ‘success stories’ of the gym that I work for. Considering that there are over 60 gyms of this chain, I think it’s quite cool.

My articles have been featured in few magazines such as PT Magazine, Runners World, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, WorkOut, Health and Fitness, and Zest. I have a real passion for fitness and health. I have completed several high quality courses, developed a software called PT Folder, which helps people writing their own workouts, and now I want to help you get into a great shape and to regain this ‘feel good’ vibe about life.

My style of work is to match your style of life. After an initial sign up, you will receive forms that you will need to fill in, so I can give you the best, most practical, and realistic goal plan, together with a timeline on how to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

I make use of modern technology in order to help you achieve your goals. For nutrition strategies, you will be able to use MyFitnessPal tracking app and for training you will get tailored made plans that I create in my own software PT Folder. I make decisions based on my professional experience and a broad body of evidence, which is available on the topics of building muscles, losing weight and getting in shape.

Once we agree on your goals you will become a member of a private Facebook group where we will be able to share great news, and ask questions to help each other. I will be also providing comments and clarifications about what appears in latest mainstream media with regards to healthy lifestyle, as most of the time such information are distorted and sensationalist and have little basis in real life.


Strength Training , Functional Training , Rehab Assistance , Tailored Packages

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BSc Physiotherapist , FASTER Course Director , FASTER Training Expert , FASTER Functional Performance Specialist , FASTER Functional Therapy Specialist

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£ 38


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