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I can help you ditch the diet, build your confidence and give you the body you deserve. WARNING: If you love being “hardcore” in the gym whilst sniggering to yourself at fellow gym goers who are trying to make a difference, then this site isn’t for you! If you hate to laugh and have some fun whilst increasing your confidence and achieving your fitness goals, then we’re probably not a good fit! Perhaps you’re a person who hates commercial gyms Maybe you hate working out full stop Or perhaps you’ve tried every diet under the sun, but still struggling to drop the inches You may just need that support and encourage you haven’t had the luxury of having Ongoing momentum and being part of a community is vital for permanent results If you want to drop inches from your waist or feel confident about your body then the single most important thing you can do is get momentum going and take action. Dropping those inches alone can be challenging, particularly when motivation dips (it always does). But it’s easier when you’re part of something pretty special. A community of people who share common goal: to get better each and every day. It’s all about being within a supportive environment, and I love introducing absolute beginners to fitness and helping them discover their own strengths! If you believe you’re one of those people who hate working out, I can accept you probably hate gyms and that’s cool. Think of it more like a funhouse instead. My name’s Jake Gifford & I’m a coach at P.H.I.T Lifestyle where we provide a supportive, fun & judgement free environment in order to get you serious results. Here’s why you should pay attention to me: Over 5 years within the fitness industry, working with regular people with families and jobs and whom need that extra support and guidance, so I know what works for busy people who hate diets and exercise. I’m currently finishing my masters degree in sports, health & exercise science which helps me cut through the crap that some health professionals put out there relating to diet and exercise. Expert at making things simple, easy understand and relatable to you. I can help you become part of the community I’m continuing to build & provide the necessary support to help you build confidence and kick ass!


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Skills and Qualifications

Sports Health & Exercise Science MSc (pending)

Applied Coaching Science BSc

Level 3 Personal Training Certificate

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