Kyran Mitchell-Nanton

Kyran Mitchell-Nanton

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First and foremost, I am a very strong believer in the saying

“You get out what you put in”. I come from track and field; I am an ex semi-pro 100 & 200mtr sprinter which I was in the sport for over 12 years, until I got badly injured, and then decided to focus my career on Acting, Music and also Training and teaching people about fitness. That’s where Personal Training came in and I used my previous knowledge of track and field, along with an open book for the many other different avenues of fitness to experiment and discover new ways of developing myself and many other people to get the bodies we desire. So you could say my whole life has been about the art and discipline of fitness and taking care of one’s body.

I don’t believe working out should be a chore. You should enjoy it. Which is why I endeavour to find out what works best for you to reach the targets you have whilst at the same time giving you the constant feeling of “I can’t wait to get to the gym and hit hard in my work out!” “That gym is going to know about me today!” “Those weights have no idea what is coming”. Self-confidence is key, everyone is different, and there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to train, whether sports specific, CrossFit, bodybuilding, group classes and many others, there is always something that can fit you. You just need to put the work in.
Having said that, I do not believe in short cuts or quick scheme gimps. They have no quality or worth, and 9times out of 10 they are lies just to sell false hope in the industry. If you are looking for a quick, easy, cheat way to get where you want to get to, then you are reading the wrong profile. With me, I make it clear to you that you will work hard, and at times it will not be easy, because if it was then EVERYONE would do it. You are not everyone, so when you put the work in for yourself, you will in turn see results. Choose to cut corners, and eventually you will end up going backwards. With me, we are keeping you in your lane of constantly moving forward to reach and do things you may have never thought you could.

As I previously mentioned, I’m an actor as well, and I have previous experience for training actors for films, and also their general life (I am currently training a group of actors for a film I have recently written and am producing). I am also one of the trainers for a Fitness Group I am part of called Aesth.Elite @Aesth.Elite in which I facilitate Training and Bootcamps for our members. You have a world of avenues from my end. Utilize me.

So let me join and assist you on your fitness journey and I’ll show you that the sky is not your limit.

Train Hard, Live Easy.

Kyran Mitchell-Nanton


Sports Specific (Primarily Track and Field) , Fat Loss & Weight Gain , Exercise & Disability , Strength & Power Training , High Intensity Interval Training , Cross Fit , Bootcamp/Fitness Camps ,

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Level 3 PT Qualified (Discovery Learning) , Level 2 Fitness Instructor Qualified (Discovery Learning) , Exercise & Disability (YMCA) , MMA Fitness Instructor (Discovery Learning) , First Aid (Discovery Learning)

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