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If you are looking for a personal trainer who knows how hard is to lose weight and knows where all problems coming from, read my bio and take a look at my journey. I’m here to help you every step.

As a child I was always a chubby kid. So my mom took me to try a lot of different sports like swimming, judo, waterpolo, football. But I wasn’t good in them so I gave it up quckly. Than when I became 7 I grew about 16 cms in one summer and a basketball coach said why don’t I join them to play. After that I was playing basketball for 13 years and I was good. Than 1 day I had an injury in my ankles and I couldn’t play anymore, well not as good as before…so I’ve started to put on weight and from there there was no going back I had some family issues as well and that didn’t help me at all.
My top weight was 215 kg in 2012…and it stayed on that level for more than 1 year.
In 2012 I’ve almost lost my love, family, friends and work. I went into deep depression and didn’t want to do anything. Worst time of my life!!! Went to the gp and they’ve sent me to a dietician and some respiratory testing…because I wasn’t sleeping well. They’ve found out that I have sleep apnoea and I was told if I don’t lose 25 kg in 6 months than I have to sleep with with an oxygen machine on my face.
Than my missus and friends stepped up said we have to help you and make you change things. So we did. Complete change of lifestyle.
– Made the flat cheat food proof, so nothing I can eat except fruit and nut when I’m bored.
– started cooking and making healthy food (normal and not junk food)
– Started going to gym and workout
These little things make a big change in my life and in 2 years I’ve lost 75kg. It looks like little things but it has to be consistent, because if I stop the weight will come back. Now I’m 137kg
My next goal is to reach 120 kg.
The reason I’ve decided to do a personal trainer coures, because I have a story, I know what the people are going through when they want to lose weight, what obstacles they are facing. I was always good to motivate others and since I’ve started my journey I motivated a lot of people around me. I enjoy doing this and I want help others to become healthier and to live a full life.
My main focus will be on weightloss, body transformation and exercise referral mainly for obese patients, but if you just want to make a change in your life and want to get healthier I’m here to help you at every step of the way.


Weight loss , Body Transformation , Body Weight Exercises , Power Lifting , Suspension Training

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Circuit trainer , Outdoor trainer , Indoor Cycling , Sport's Conditioning , Exercise Referral

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