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I find writing about myself almost as an uncomfortable experience as being in front of a camera…I mean, who wants to read about me? I have never been someone to naturally promote myself and i’m someone who builds confidence slowly but am aware/have been told that providing a certain amount of insight into myself can help promote a business where the main commodity is…well, ‘me’.

So…I am going to tell you a little about me, if you want to know, and hopefully explain how my previous sporting and life experiences can help you achieve your goals – this may include disclosing some of my many flaws!! I’ve read that might equate to marketing suicide, but I genuinely think that in order to achieve in anything, you have to have a good understanding of your weaknesses as well as your strengths, and we all have both.

Sporting experience is where I should probably begin. From the age of 9 I began mixing it with the boys playing football on the school playground, the local rec, the road outside my house…pretty much anywhere. Since then I have…’excelled’ (I’ve been told)… at a range of sports but my most notable are playing for Blackburn Rovers Centre of Excellence and international representation in hockey (hoci) for Wales. I won’t bore you with a list of football, running and athletics achievements and the ladder of hockey teams leading to the Welsh Hockey Academy, but suffice to say I was an incredibly active kid.

Then, at the age of 19 a combination of personal circumstances, burn-out and injury led me to losing a few years trying to navigate my way into adulthood and working through the associated minefields. During this time I ran infrequently depending on injury and motivation. Life and the barriers associated with that got in the way and ultimately I didn’t want it enough. I didn’t have a goal, a focus or a team to help and desire to be the most effective part of that team and I had never exercised solely for my own benefit. This period of my life now allows me to empathise with people who can’t find the motivation to begin exercising, to understand why and how it is so easy to stop after one or two sessions or when something happens that just utterly derails you for a period of time. I completely understand the importance of goals, why they are necessary and how they have to be right for each individual.

Following the birth of my twin boys and realising the impressionable age of my daughter (she is five years older than the two rascals) I wanted to set them all the best possible example for leading a healthy lifestyle. For me that goes way beyond the odd run and bit of fruit. I am an all or nothing kind of person and live and breathe my goals. I found the best motivation for living a healthy lifestyle that is perfect for me – my children. I began exercising when I could, then three, then four times a week. Taking it slowly (if you think you can hear someone laughing at this point…it’s my husband, I don’t do slow unless it’s waking up in the morning, I am the most impatient person you could probably meet but work hard to achieve my goals), I began to realise that I was enjoying exercise again. It wasn’t a chore, there wasn’t any pressure; I wanted to do it, not just for my children but for me as well. I felt amazing!

So…in practical terms, how will this all help you achieve your goals? That’s why you’re reading this right?! Well, I always had an interest in training and more importantly the science associated with the changes that occur and why this happens. I also wanted a career that used my experience in helping people and that would allow me to work around the children and their commitments. I am lucky enough to have been able to pursue my passion and qualify as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. My own circumstances and personal sporting/fitness journey allow me to understand the pitfalls and barriers that can play a huge part in preventing people from exercising.

I strive to make every session fun, enjoyable and different whilst still working towards your goal – note here that I said ‘fun and enjoyable’ not ‘easy and carefree’. This is the risky disclosure…the truth some more unscrupulous types may shy away from…sessions will not be easy, but I will encourage and push you along your journey to achieve your training goals and perhaps more importantly help you understand why your sessions are planned the way they are. Expect hard work, sweat, tears (of joy and laughter!) but most importantly expect to see the results of your hard work and enjoy obtaining them.

If you don’t want to read the above essay…just read this sentence:
I will use all of my personal and professional experience and work hard to help you to achieve your goals, making the journey as enjoyable an experience as possible.


Personal training , HIIT Training , Hockey coach

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Level 2 Fitness Instructor , Level 3 Personal Trainer , Leader in running fitness

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