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One day back in 2010 I caught sight of myself in the mirror, I was shocked, ashamed and very upset. How could this have happened?

Over the previous 10 years I had fallen off the exercise/fitness wagon and had seriously let myself go. From someone that had been very active playing squash regularly, running, and working out a couple of times a week I turned into a stereotypical “couch potato”. I had packed on around three stone of flab and was seriously out of shape. The weird thing was I didn’t really see it happening. I even used to tut-tut to myself when I saw “fat people” in the street. “How do they let themselves get like that?” I used to self-righteously think to myself.

Right then and there I decided that I needed to take a hold of myself and get sorted out. I took a “selfie” just to remind myself what had happened and to not to be so high-and-mighty when I saw other fatties – after all, I was one of them! That same day I enrolled in my local gym and started my journey back into shape.

Things didn’t quite go to plan though. I had done plenty of workouts in the past so I thought I knew what I was doing and was sure I could go it alone. That was a mistake. It soon became apparent that I would need some help and that is when I engaged a personal trainer who has been instrumental in changing my life – quite literally. With his help and guidance I shed over 40lbs and reduced my body fat percentage to around 12%. The result was that in my early fifties I am in better shape than I was in my twenties and people have even told me I look ten years younger – which is nice 🙂

What that experience taught me was that life can happen to anyone and equally anyone can turn it around. My experience with a personal trainer was such a positive one that it inspired me to help other people in the same way and towards the end of 2014 at another turning point in my life I decided to do something about it and become qualified myself.

If any part of my story rings a bell with you then let me help you to make your own transformation. I’m here to help you achieve whatever goal you have for yourself and you can be sure of one thing – I’ll never judge you because, as you’ve read, I’ve been there myself!

Your journey will start with a free detailed consultation during which we will discuss your current lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, what your goals are and I’ll get you to keep a detailed food diary. Armed with this information I’ll put together a personalised nutritional and exercise plan designed around your life. I’ll then be with you every step of the way with positive support and encouragement. At times it will be tough and I’ll expect you to put in your best effort but two things I can promise you are that it will be worth and there will definitely be no shouting!

So get in touch today and make 2015 your year of transformation!


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