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Samuel Cranny-Evans

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I am going to guess that you have a problem, that’s why you’re here, looking at what personal trainers think makes them appealing. And if you’re keen to jog on a treadmill while some expensive 20 year old texts his girlfriend then hit the back button now! If experience, and entertainment are your thing then read on….

Maybe you are tired of gyms and their lights, the treadmills and all those terrible Justin Bieber tracks? Maybe you want to get outside and achieve everything you’ve wanted for your body? If that sounds like you, I have a solution!

But this ad isn’t for people who think amazing results aren’t possible in a short space of time.

It also isn’t for people who don’t want to work hard, while Dave from the fitness centre explains that his beer belly gives him “power.”

And if you’re the type of person that loves choking down lunch boxes full of dry chicken salads and permanently inedible brown rice, hit back now! Because my delicious stews, gourmet salads and desserts which are good for both body and soul will be way too rich for you.

But, if you do want to change your body, act now. Stop what you are doing, if you’re driving, pull over, and email me. Tell me about you in as much detail as possible!
-tell me about your current exercise routine
-if you have ever had a trainer
-what diets have you tried before?
-why do you think they failed?
-what do you want to achieve?
-what do you like least about your body?
-what do you like the most?
-how often do you want to train?

What are you waiting for? I told you to stop reading! Remember, you are the master of your current situation, which means you can shape your future.


Fat Burning , Slogan Shouting , Story Telling , Nutritional Support , Pictures of meals , Daily Support , Results! , No Nonsense approach to what you want and deserve! Personal Training , Group Training , Conditioning , Entertainment

Skills and Qualifications

Reps Level 3-means I can train people , Kettlebell instructor-fun for me great for your results , Experience with 100s of clients , Understanding the struggle of living while trying to shape your body , Bad salesman , Ability to cut throughout the BS and

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£ 40


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