Timothy Fanawopo

Timothy Fanawopo

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I am a qualified personal trainer and health blogger based in the London Borough of Croydon. After completing a Business Degree, and working for over 12 years for a couple of local authorities in London, I decided to fully commit to discovering the secrets of optimal health and vitality and coach others on the steps to live long and strong.

Growing up in Nigeria, I spent most of my day playing outdoors. When I came to England at age 12, I moved from being active, and eating a diet consisting of fish, beans, fresh fruit and vegetables to spending a lot more time indoors. I ate more grains and processed foods. Although I was thrilled by the variety of food available in the supermarkets, I noticed body proportions and weight to be different in England. Western diets and lifestyle leads to increased body fat and chronic disease.

Government statistics show that in England and Wales 23% of all deaths are avoidable, and 60% of the avoidable deaths were males. The government data also shows that people who die prematurely from avoidable causes lose an average of 23 potential years of life, and the biggest contributors to avoidable deaths are chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

The research shows that moderate to vigorous physical activity is a main contributor to the reduction in deaths of all causes. I am here to provide honest, scientifically based information on improving your health in a measurable and actionable way.


High Intensity Training , Resistance Training , Nutrition

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Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training , BA Business Administration

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