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Tony Cottenden

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Welcome to Top Condition. I’m Tony Cottenden and I’ll be your trainer.

I’m not going to go on about my qualifications or coaching methods. I want to talk about why I care so much about helping you.

When a new client decides to trust us with their health, fitness, or weight loss, I know it’s a big thing. When you choose a Personal Trainer, it’s not just about selecting one PT from all the options. It’s about making that decision in the first place. The decision to finally tackle your fears and worries about your health. To make yourself vulnerable. To learn a new set of skills.

I understand that choosing a Personal Trainer is about much more than the workouts!

Why am I the right person to help you?

When someone wants to change their body, lose weight, or get in shape, it’s not just about their body. It’s about their happiness. Their health. Their relationships. Their own body confidence. Most of our clients come to us having tried diets, fads, weight loss products. Or faceless gyms which put them off exercise for years. Some of our clients have never been happy in their own body.

I’m here to give you the power to be happy. It just so happens that my tools are exercise and nutrition.

I’m a 30-something guy with a wife and a young family. I’ve got myself in decent shape, but I wasn’t a strapping athletic youth (in fact I was a real skinny kid). For years, I worked in the Prison Service. That’s where I got my initial Personal Training qualifications. Delivering PT in prisons showed me how fitness can transform people’s confidence. I was proud to use exercise to help people then. And that’s how I feel about helping Top Condition clients every day.

How would it feel to have more energy from morning to night?
To feel truly confident – even proud – about your body?
To like how you look, and know exactly what to do to maintain it?


Weight Loss , Resistance Training , Nutrition

Skills and Qualifications

Personal Trainer Level 3 , SBS Academy Approved , Studying MNU Nutrition

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£ 34

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