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My interest in Pilates came from a personal history of health problems that needed a specific type of attention, provided by a low-impact, core strengthening and rehabilitating training program. I feel especially strongly about the concept of “quality over quantity”, slow and controlled movements in full range, targeting the deep postural muscles, thus building strength from the inside out and creating effective and lasting results in diminishing both physical and mental limitations. My experience gave me a first-hand understanding of why Joseph Pilates called his method the Art of Control. It’s exciting to see what you can achieve for your body and health, especially in a world where we have so little control of pretty much everything else! And so, Pilates became my passion.

I’ve worked in many different environments, from sports and health centers to beach resorts, including programs for individual clients, small and large groups; with people of a variety of backgrounds, levels of ability and type of needs. I gained a European qualification in Pilates and personal training, also with a sub-focus on yoga. Later I completed a conversion course to CYQ Level 3 by Pilates Training Solutions.

Since I moved to London in late 2008, I quickly started noticing the very real ill effects that fast-paced life has on people: at the workplace, on the streets, even the home environment. Tight muscles and restrictive breathing due to stress, headaches and back ache due to poor postural alignment, all related to hectic and ‘rushed’ lifestyle.

Even though teaching isn’t my only career focus (I’m a music composer), I am determined to pass on the surprisingly rewarding benefits of Pilates, whether for strengthening or rehabilitating purposes, to help you sleep better, to have increased energy and reduced stress levels, and help you look and feel your best at any age.


Pilates , Yogalates

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Pilates instructor , CYQ Level 3 certified by Pilates Training Solutions

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