All you need from a Personal Trainer

After wasting years trying to find training routines in internet I decided to look for a Personal Trainer and I am really glad I did. Ellie got all you need from a Personal Trainer. I initially needed to lose weight so after an assessment she gave me different options and set goals to reach in three months but she was so great that we reached it in just more than two months. She is extremely committed and would follow you 24/7 so she expect you to be the same. If you are looking for a gym pal who does not put any pressure on you she is not the person for you. She is assertive and pushes you to your limits this leading to visible results in a short period. She would create a personalized plan just for you depending on your needs and adapt the training to your body. For example I had a neck injury and she created a routine that does not put too much pressure on that area. In terms of nutritional plans she gave me many options and she is open to any kind of nutritional requests (Keto, vegan, etc). Very recommended!